Northeast Regional League Information

Our Northeast Regional League will be hosting its final activity of the season this Sunday, January 22 at Whittier Tech 115 Amesbury Line Road Haverhill MA 01830, from 7:30 to approximately early afternoon (the organizers are determined to be home before football starts).
This event will be tournament format and different from the scrimmage/dual meet format of the past several weeks.  Accordingly, we will need to know who will be attending and what our lineup will be by Wednesday morning.  Our weight classes are as follows:

65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 112 120 132 145 168
THOSE WHO WANT TO PARTICIPATE MUST BE AT PRACTICE TOMORROW, January 17 TO WRESTLE-OFF FOR THE ONE SPOT WE ARE ALLOCATED IN EACH WEIGHT CLASS.  Kids who attend to wrestle off will be given precedence over non-attendees in their weight class.
Wrestle off’s are a universal wrestling tradition where the coaches don’t pick the starters – the kids have matches to determine who gets to participate.  One of the great traditions of our sport!
Wrestle-off winners are guaranteed a spot.  Those weight classes which have only one participant on our team in that weight class will of course not have a wrestle off.  Participants may move up a weight to an open class if they chose.  Dropping weight to get into a particular class is not recommended (by the coaches).
Finally, if a tournament weight class has openings, the organizers will allow multiple kids from each team.  We may be able to accommodate number 2 or 3 kids accordingly and will know for sure by Thursday or Friday after our roster is submitted (Wednesday).
There is NO WEIGH IN for this tournament – we will slot kids into weight classes on the honor system based upon their weight on our scale.  For the NER league, this has worked well in the past.
There will be a SKIN CHECK by a dermatologist beginning at 7:30 AM prior to wrestling which should start by 8:30.  This skin check is mandatory, so please don’t be late.

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